9 Ways to Get Followers on Instagram

Are you looking for heaps of followers on one of the most popular photo-sharing app— Instagram? Do you want to get overnight success on this platform? If yes then consider following these simple ways to get a number of followers on Instagram. However, it is not like a walk in the park but it’s not impossible though. Let’s have a look at how to get followers on Instagram.

How to get followers on Instagram:

When you are promoting your brand and product then the massive following is essential to get results in no time. Here’s how to get followers on Instagram.

Don’t be boring:

On Instagram, people want to see interesting content. Don’t throw a photo of your evening tea’ snacks on your page. People have no interesting your daily routine and coffee obsession. But it doesn’t mean post pictures of each day over and over again. Make your Instagram page unique that compel the users to wait for your post all day long.

Use interesting hashtags:

According to social media experts, don’t use popular hashtags with your posts. The reason is that there are already a number of photos have posted on Instagram with these hashtags. There are fewer chances that your post get higher ranking on explore page. Consider sticking with unique hashtags that define your brand or account.

Interact with your followers:

Try to like every comment of your audience and respond them to their comments. This is a great way to interact with them and build a strong relationship with them.

Take a good photo:

As we all know, photographers have a massive fan base on Instagram because they know how to take a good photo. A good photo is just because of intuitive. Focus on your subject, adjust brightness, use color contrast and take a shot with good angles.

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Edit your photos:

Before uploading, consider editing the photo and make it more appealing. You can use Instagram filters and other editing tools such as VSCO and Snapseed.

Get featured:

When you are generating good content and have a large fan base, you can be featured in 3 different places i.e. Instagram’ blog, explore page of Instagram and in the list of suggested users (you can find it in the app’ setting> find people to follow). Participate in the projects of Instagram on its official account on this app and become the lucky person to get featured in the suggested user’s list.

Use cool Colors:

Photos with cool color tone such as green, blue get more likes and comments than warm color tones such as pink, orange, and red.

Opt no filter policy:

According to Instagram experts, pictures with no filter get over ten percent more engagement than those without.

Don’t use too many hashtags:

Instagram allows you to use over 30 hashtags but tries not to use too many hashtags with one post. Because it gives the negative impression to your audience that you are too much desperate for engagement (likes & comments)