Basic bad habits that marketers should drop till New Year

It has been rightly said that the habits are very hard to break and especially those habits which are bad. In marketing terms, bad habits tend to develop fast in various ways and there are some main habits which can make a businessman lose his productivity and not to mention the being lost options if they become a part of the marketer’s routine pattern. For effective marketing of your business, your marketing team needs to follow some practices so that there may be a list of bad habits and if you find yourself to be doing any of them, you need to change it rapidly and replace with more efficient and effective practices and have a new start.

Being bogged down

Google analytics has now become the most useful tool for the marketers so that they could now be able to track the performance of their campaign as well as they could now about the total traffic their website is getting. However, the main problem here is the judgment and the organization of that data because the data always don’t align. The data gathered from different sources like scheduling tools, Google analytics and from all the other social media channels could differ from each other based on the timings of the collection of data. If somehow you try to use different tools, the data could be more misrepresented and inconsistent so you need to make sure that next year your marketing team doesn’t fall a prey to this trap.


Contents which are effective do have a clear message and they have got the calls to action option. If the contents posted by you don’t have that option, then your content may start losing the people’s interests and then people will start clicking off your page and if there so many options for call to action then that again could be problematic and the public may get confused and you end up getting no results. So the thing you would need is the balance. A balance between CTAs for content you post is necessary so that the audience remains linked with the posted contents. This can simply be done by adding clear CTAs to the posts.

Erratically posting

Most of the marketers nowadays believe in the erratic posting on social media and they have to leave doing that in the year because that scattered posting leaves a bad image of you’re on the minds of people and you need to develop social media strategy as well as continue posting planned contents for help. The brands which are smaller and have less fan following, should post twice a day and not more than that overall the social media channels it is present on. Posting so many updates in a shorter span of time can confuse the audience leaving a negative mark of your brand in public’s views. The phenomenon behind this is simple. Posting too much in a day would generate a lot of posts without public’s engagement and that would simply be a flop for your page.