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How Did Ted Schnormeier Make His Money?

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Ted Schnormeier made his fortune as the founder of Jeld-Wen, a successful window and door manufacturing company. Inspired by their trip to China, Ted and his wife Ann created Schnormeier Gardens, a stunning 75-acre private garden in Ohio. The gardens feature nine distinct areas, including a Japanese-style garden, waterfall garden, and quarry garden, and the Schnormeiers have established a foundation to ensure the gardens can be enjoyed by the public year-round in the future.


Ted Schnormeier is a successful businessman who made his fortune in the window and door industry. As the founder of Jeld-Wen, a renowned company specializing in manufacturing windows and doors, Schnormeier’s entrepreneurial skills have played a significant role in shaping his financial success.

However, Ted Schnormeier’s accomplishments extend beyond business ventures. He has also left an indelible mark on the world through his passion for gardening and landscape design. Together with his wife Ann Schnormeier, he created an awe-inspiring private garden known as “Schnormeier Gardens” that spans over 75 acres of land located in Ohio.

Inspired by their travels to China where they encountered breathtaking gardens, Ted and Ann embarked on transforming their own property into something truly remarkable. What started as landscaping around their home soon evolved into an ambitious project spanning more than two decades.

In this blog post, we will delve deeper into how Ted Schnormeier made his money through entrepreneurship while exploring the fascinating journey behind creating one of America’s most captivating private gardens – The Schnormeier Gardens.

Ted Schnormeier’s Background in the Window and Door Industry

Ted Schnormeier had a successful career in the window and door industry, making his mark as an entrepreneur. He is best known for being the founder of Jeld-Wen, a company that specializes in manufacturing windows and doors.

Schnormeier’s journey began with humble beginnings but through hard work, determination, and innovative thinking he was able to build a thriving business empire. With his deep understanding of the market demand for quality windows and doors, he saw an opportunity to create something exceptional.

In 1960s Mount Vernon Ohio where Ted resided at that time there were limited options available when it came to high-quality windows and doors. Recognizing this gap in the market inspired him to establish Jeld-Wen – short for “JELD” which stands for John E Lambeth Doornail Company (a previous employer) combined with “WEN,” representing Wendell Hamlin who became one of its first employees.

Under Schnormeier’s leadership as CEO from 1977 until retirement around early-2000s , Jeld-Wen experienced remarkable success. The company grew exponentially during this period becoming one of North America’s largest manufacturers producing not only residential but also commercial-grade products including patio doors,windows etc .

Through strategic acquisitions both domestically & internationally alongwith continuous innovation,Jeld-wen expanded its product offerings while maintaining their commitment towards delivering superior craftsmanship.Their dedication towards customer satisfaction helped them earn trust among builders,realtors & homeowners alike,resulting into long-term partnerships across various markets globally.

The growth trajectory continued even after Mr.Schnomeiers’ departure due strong foundation laid by him over years.Just like any other great leader,Ted ensured smooth transition process before stepping down ensuring continuity within organization. He left behind legacy built on principles such as integrity,honesty,respect,fairness coupled with strong work ethic which still remains core values of Jeld-Wen.

Today, Ted Schnormeier’s contributions to the window and door industry are widely recognized. His entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to excellence have left a lasting impact on both his company and the industry as a whole. The success story of Jeld-Wen stands as a testament to his vision, leadership, and dedication in creating high-quality products that enhance homes around the world.

The Inspiration Behind Schnormeier Gardens

During a trip to China, Ted and Ann Schnormeier were captivated by the breathtaking beauty of Chinese gardens. These meticulously designed landscapes left an indelible impression on them, igniting their passion for creating something equally awe-inspiring back home.

The couple was particularly drawn to the serene ambiance and harmonious balance found in traditional Chinese gardens. They marveled at how every element – from carefully placed rocks to flowing water features – worked together seamlessly, evoking a sense of tranquility and natural harmony.

Inspired by what they had witnessed abroad, Ted and Ann embarked on transforming their own property into a haven reminiscent of those enchanting Chinese gardens. Their journey began with the development of a Japanese-style garden as homage to Asian aesthetics that resonated deeply with them.

With meticulous attention to detail, they started crafting this initial garden area using authentic elements such as ornamental bridges over tranquil streams adorned with koi fish swimming gracefully beneath delicate cherry blossom trees. This first step marked just the beginning of what would eventually become known as Schnormeier Gardens – an extraordinary testament not only to nature’s splendor but also human creativity.

Driven by their shared vision for cultivating spaces where visitors could find solace amidst artfully arranged flora and fauna, Ted and Ann dedicated themselves wholeheartedly to expanding their private sanctuary. They poured countless hours into researching different gardening styles, paying close attention to details to ensure each new addition aligned perfectly with the overall aesthetic they sought to achieve. Their unwavering commitment led them to build nine distinct areas within Schnormeier Gardens, every one of which exudes its own unique charm while contributing to a cohesive whole that is nothing short of breathtakingly beautiful.

Expansion and Development of Schnormeier Gardens

Acquisition of Additional Land Parcels

Ted and Ann Schnormeier’s commitment to preserving the rural nature of their surroundings led them to acquire additional land parcels over the years. Starting with a three-acre property in Knox County, they gradually expanded their holdings by purchasing twelve separate parcels that included six residences and 125 acres. This strategic acquisition allowed them not only to clean up these properties but also prevented potential development from encroaching on the area.

Preservation Efforts and Preventing Development

The primary goal behind acquiring these land parcels was twofold – cleaning up neglected areas while maintaining open green spaces. The process involved moving or remodeling houses, clearing fields, fence lines, planting hayfields, installing horse fences for equestrian activities as well as building a lake complete with a dock house. By taking proactive measures against urban sprawl through preservation efforts like this one undertaken by Ted Schnormeier’s family ensured that future generations would continue enjoying unspoiled natural beauty.

Construction Inspired by Fallingwater

In 1992, inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic architectural masterpiece “Fallingwater,” Ted and Ann decided it was time for an upgrade from their existing home on the property acquired back in 1966. They embarked upon constructing a new residence designed specifically around harmonizing with its surrounding environment just like Fallingwater does so seamlessly amidst Pennsylvania wildernesses. Their vision became reality when construction completed two years later; now visitors can marvel at how beautifully integrated into landscape architecture is thanks largely due diligence put forth during planning stages which took inspiration directly out pages history books themselves!

Collaboration With Landscape Architects And Contractors

To bring his dream garden oasis to life, Ted enlisted help professional landscapers architects who shared passion creating beautiful outdoor spaces. Through collaboration experts field, Schnormeiers were able create gardens nine distinct areas including waterfall serenity stream hosta meadow woodland Chinese cup quarry gardens. The expertise and guidance of these professionals ensured that each area was thoughtfully designed, incorporating elements such as rare conifers, deciduous trees with richly colored foliage, lakes ponds streams waterfalls.

Challenges Faced During the Development Process

The development process for Schnormeier Gardens wasn’t without its fair share of challenges. One significant hurdle encountered during construction involved issues related to well drilling which required careful planning and problem-solving skills from the team working on-site. Additionally, the lakes experienced leaks at times necessitating repairs while a mini-tornado caused some damage along the way. Despite these obstacles, Ted Schnormeier’s determination perseverance allowed him overcome setbacks continue developing his vision into reality. Today, Schnormeiers’ garden stands testament their hard work dedication creating an awe-inspiring landscape open public enjoyment year-round.

Features and Areas of Schnormeier Gardens

Schnormeier Gardens is a breathtaking 75-acre private garden located in Ohio. It features nine distinct areas, each with its own unique charm and beauty. Let’s explore these enchanting gardens:

1. Waterfall Garden:

The Waterfall Garden captivates visitors with the soothing sound of cascading waterfalls that flow into serene pools below. This area showcases an exquisite collection of rare conifers, adding to the picturesque landscape.

2. Serenity Garden:

As you step into the Serenity Garden, you’ll be enveloped by tranquility and peace. The carefully curated selection of plants creates a harmonious atmosphere where one can relax amidst beautiful blooms and lush greenery.

3. Stream Garden:

Meandering through this section is a gentle stream adorned with vibrant aquatic plants along its banks. The Stream Garden offers a peaceful retreat for contemplation while enjoying nature’s wonders.

4. Hosta Garden:

Hostas take center stage in this charming garden area. Hosta enthusiasts will delight in exploring the diverse range of colors, textures, and sizes showcased here. This shaded oasis provides respite from sunlight as well as visual interest throughout all seasons.

5. Meadow Garden:

In contrast to other sections, the Meadow Garden displays wildflowers and native grasses in their natural splendor. Walking through this open expanse, you’ll witness an array of flora attracting butterflies, pollinators, and birds, making it abuzz with life during warmer months.

6. Woodland Garden:

Step into the serenity of the forest within the woodland garden. Tall trees create a cool canopy overhead while ferns and other shade-loving plants flourish below. This evocative area offers a visual treat for those who love exploring nature at its finest moments of tranquility.

7. Chinese Cup Gardens:

Inspired by the Schnormeiers’ trips to China, the Chinese Cup Gardens transport visitors to the mystical realm of Oriental garden design. These gardens evoke a sense of timelessness and harmony with their meticulously placed rocks, delicate plants, and serene atmosphere.

8. Quarry Garden:

The Quarry Garden is a testament to the Schnormeier family’s vision and dedication. It showcases an impressive collection of rocks sourced from various locations around Ohio. These majestic stones are artfully arranged amidst vibrant foliage, creating a captivating landscape that celebrates nature’s raw beauty.

9. Lakes, Ponds, Streams, and Waterfalls:

Throughout the gardens, you’ll encounter numerous lakes, pools, ponds, streams, and waterfalls that add an extraordinary element to the landscape. Their glistening waters reflect the surrounding flora, making for a stunning visual display that enhances the overall ambiance.

Whether you’re captivated by water features or drawn to serene meadows and woodlands, Schnormeier Gardens offers something for every nature lover. With its diverse range of garden areas showcasing rare conifers, lush hostas, wildflowers, native grasses, Oriental-inspired designs, and stunning rock formations, this private oasis provides visitors with an unforgettable experience in harmony with nature.

The Schnormeier Gardens Foundation and Future Plans

The creation of the Schnormeier Gardens Foundation marks an important milestone in Ted and Ann Schnormeier’s vision for their beloved gardens. With a strong commitment to preserving this natural wonderland, they have established a foundation that will ensure the operation and public access to Schnormeier Gardens year-round.

Through generous contributions from the family, as well as support from donors who share their passion for nature and beauty, the foundation aims to maintain these stunning gardens while also expanding its philanthropic efforts within the community.

Securing Funding for Maintenance and Development

One of the primary goals of establishing this foundation is to secure funding for ongoing maintenance costs associated with running such an extensive garden complex. From landscaping upkeep to infrastructure repairs, there are numerous expenses involved in maintaining a place like Schnormeier Gardens at its pristine best.

Additionally, by creating an endowment fund alongside the foundation, Ted and Ann aim not only to sustain but also enhance what has already been created. This means investing resources into further development projects that align with their original inspiration – Chinese-style landscapes fused harmoniously with elements inspired by other cultures around Asia.

Philanthropy and Giving Back

Beyond ensuring financial stability for future generations’ enjoyment of these breathtaking grounds lies another crucial aspect – giving back through philanthropy. The establishment of this charitable organization allows them both personally contribute towards causes close heart whilst leveraging additional donations received on behalf visitors or supporters alike who wish make positive impact wider world beyond just one location alone!

With deep roots planted firmly within Knox County Ohio where it all began decades ago when first acquired house three acres land 1966; today spanning over seventy-five sprawling acres encompassing nine distinct areas including formal Japanese style waterfall serenity stream hosta meadow woodland cup quarry- there no doubt about significance presence holds local residents tourists alike!

In addition supporting various environmental initiatives conservation programs regionally nationally internationally related fields horticulture ecology preservation wildlife habitat restoration educational outreach activities aimed at fostering appreciation understanding natural world.

Education and Community Impact

The Schnormeier Gardens Foundation also seeks to collaborate with local schools and educational institutions, providing opportunities for students of all ages to learn about horticulture, landscape design, and environmental stewardship. By hosting workshops, lectures, and hands-on activities within the gardens’ serene setting, they hope to inspire future generations in their love for nature while imparting valuable knowledge that can be applied beyond these grounds.

As part of its community impact efforts, the foundation plans on organizing events such as art exhibitions showcasing works inspired by the beauty found within Schnormeier Gardens or even partnering up other organizations host cultural festivals celebrating diversity cultures represented throughout various garden areas!

In conclusion, Ted and Ann’s dedication towards preserving this magnificent oasis has not only resulted in a stunning display of natural splendor but also paved way establishment an organization committed ensuring continued access enjoyment public visitors alike! Through philanthropy education initiatives aimed promoting conservation awareness among individuals communities large; it is clear that legacy will extend far beyond borders own backyard- leaving lasting impression hearts minds those fortunate enough experience firsthand magic created here time again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is Ted Schnormeier’s net worth?

While the exact net worth of Ted Schnormeier is not publicly disclosed, it can be inferred that he has accumulated significant wealth through his successful career in the window and door industry. As the founder of Jeld-Wen, a renowned company specializing in manufacturing windows and doors, Schnormeier played a pivotal role in its growth and success.

Question 2: How can visitors access Schnormeier Gardens?

Schnormeier Gardens are open to the public for visitation. Located on approximately 75 acres of land near Gambler, Ohio, these stunning gardens offer an immersive experience with nature’s beauty. Visitors can explore various garden areas such as Japanese-style gardens, waterfall gardens, serenity gardens, and more.

To access Schnormeier Gardens:

  • Address: [Provide address or directions]
  • Operating Hours: [Include operating hours here]

Visitors should check their official website or contact them directly for any updates regarding visiting hours or closures before planning their trip.

Question 3: Are there any admission fees for visiting Schnormeier Gardens?

Yes! There is no charge to enter this breathtaking oasis created by Ted and Ann Schnormeier; however, donations are greatly appreciated to support ongoing maintenance efforts.

The generosity from visitors helps ensure that future generations will continue enjoying these magnificent landscapes year-round while preserving its natural splendor.

Question 4: Can visitors host events or weddings at Schnormeier Gardens?

Yes! The scenic beauty offered by Schnormeier Gardens makes it an ideal location for hosting special occasions like wedding ceremonies, receptions, corporate events, etc. However, due to limited availability, advance booking may be required.

For further information about event bookings, including pricing details, please reach out via email/phone number provided on their official website.

Question 5: How can individuals support the Schnormeier Gardens Foundation?

The Schnormeier Gardens Foundation relies on generous contributions from individuals and organizations to maintain its operations, preserve the gardens, and ensure public access year-round. There are several ways in which you can show your support:

  • Donations: Individuals who wish to contribute financially towards preserving these beautiful gardens may make a donation directly through their official website or by contacting them for more information.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: If you have a passion for gardening or want to be involved with maintaining this natural wonderland, consider volunteering at Schnormeier Gardens. They often seek volunteers during specific seasons or events. Check their website regularly for any volunteer opportunities that might interest you.

By supporting the Schnormeier Gardens Foundation, visitors play an essential role in ensuring that future generations will continue enjoying this remarkable place of tranquility and inspiration.


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