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How Much Money Did The Gummy Bear Song Make?

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The Gummy Bear Song, also known as “I’m a Gummy Bear,” has been a massive success, generating billions of views on YouTube and earning The Official Gummibär Channel an estimated net worth of $2.7 million to $16.2 million. The song, which became a global phenomenon as an Internet meme, has been recorded in over 25 languages and has even reached the top charts in countries like France and Australia. The Gummibär brand has expanded beyond YouTube, with merchandise sales, licensing deals, and marketing campaigns contributing to its financial success.


The Gummy Bear Song, also known as “I’m a Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song),” is a novelty dance-pop song that became an internet sensation in the late 2000s. The catchy tune and colorful animation quickly captured the attention of viewers worldwide, leading to billions of views on YouTube.

In this blog post, we will explore just how much money the Gummy Bear Song has made over time. We’ll delve into its viral success, revenue generated by The Official Gummibär Channel on YouTube, and other sources of income for the brand. Let’s dive in!

Note: All financial figures mentioned are based on external sources and estimates available at the time of writing.

The Success of the Gummy Bear Song

When it comes to measuring success in terms of popularity and reach, few songs can rival what “I’m a Gummy Bear” has achieved. Originally written by German composer Christian Schneider for artist GummiBär (also known as Osito gominola or Funny bear), this infectious track took off like wildfire across various online platforms.

Initially released in Hungary where it spent eight months atop ringtones charts; soon after its release there was no stopping its global rise to fame through social media channels such as MySpace and especially YouTube – which played an instrumental role in catapulting it into meme status with countless user-generated videos featuring dancing bears going viral all around cyberspace.

Today,” I’m A Guumybear” boasts more than three billion plays alone on Youtube while versions recorded In different languages have garnered millions upon millions additional streams making It one most viewed music tracks ever created!

The Official Gummibär Channel’s Revenue

As you might expect from such immense popularity, the official channel dedicated solely to promoting the Gummibär brand has been highly lucrative. The Official Gummibär Channel features not only the Gummy Bear Song but also a wide range of other content related to the brand.

According to external sources, The Official Gummibär Channel has accumulated over 7.2 billion video views and has an impressive subscriber count of 8.64 million. These numbers are staggering and indicative of the massive following that the Gummibär brand enjoys on YouTube alone.

In terms of revenue, the channel’s estimated earnings have been quite substantial. In just the last seven days, it is believed that The Official Gummibär Channel generated approximately $18.7K from advertisements. On a monthly basis, this figure jumps up significantly, to around $73K in thirty days. And over the ninety-day period, it is estimated that the revenue from YouTube advertisements reached an impressive sum of about $237k!

It should be noted though that these figures represent only one stream income for The Official Gummibär Channel. Other sources that contribute to their overall financial success will be discussed later on in this blog post.

The Gummibär Brand’s Expansion

Thanks to its viral hit song, “I’m A Guumybear”, the Gummibär brand quickly expanded beyond just being known as catchy tune. The popularity surrounding this track opened doors for various business opportunities including merchandise sales licensing deals, and marketing campaigns.

Today, you can find all sorts of gummy bear-themed merchandise such as clothing, toys, and even its own line of gummies! These products not only catered towards fans who wanted something tangible to connect with their favorite character but also served as additional streams of income for the company behind it all – The Official Gummibär Channel.

Furthermore, Gummibär Brand was licensed for use in commercials and marketing campaigns which further boosted its visibility and revenues. It seems like there is no limit to how far this adorable dancing gummy could go!

The Success of the Gummy Bear Song

The Gummy Bear song, also known as “I’m a Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song),” has achieved remarkable success and become a viral sensation. This novelty dance-pop song was written by German composer Christian Schneider and released by Gummibär’s label, Gummybear International.

Initially, the song gained popularity in Hungary where it spent eight months at number one on the ringtones chart. However, its fame quickly spread worldwide through various online platforms such as YouTube and MySpace. As an Internet meme, the catchy tune captured people’s attention with its infectious melody and playful lyrics.

On YouTube alone, the English version of The Official Gummibär Channel’s video for “The Gummy Bear Song – Long English Version” has garnered over 3 billion plays. The song has also been released in at least 43 languages, further contributing to its global reach and popularity.

The Official Gummibär Channel’s Revenue

The success of the Gummy Bear Song has not only brought fame to its creator, but it has also generated significant revenue for The Official Gummibär Channel. While exact figures may vary and are subject to change, estimates suggest that the channel has been quite lucrative.

According to external sources, in recent times, The Official Gummibär Channel is estimated to have earned around $18.7K in the last 7 days alone. This impressive figure demonstrates just how popular this catchy song remains even after all these years. In addition, over a span of 30 days, the channel reportedly made approximately $73.6K from YouTube advertisements.

Looking at a broader timeframe such as 90 days reveals an even more substantial income stream for The Official Gummibär Channel with earnings reaching up to about $237K during this period solely through ad revenues on their videos.

It is important to note that these numbers represent revenue exclusively derived from YouTube advertisements and do not take into account other potential sources of income like merchandise sales or licensing deals associated with the brand.

With regards to viewership metrics on YouTube itself – which can be seen as another indicator of popularity – The Official Gummibär Channel boasts an impressive subscriber count exceeding 8 million subscribers. The total video views accumulated by the channel so far stands at over 7 billion. This immense following further solidifies both its financial success and widespread appeal among audiences worldwide.

The Gummibär Brand’s Expansion

The success of the Gummy Bear Song has not only brought fame and fortune to The Official Gummibär Channel on YouTube but also paved the way for a significant expansion of the brand beyond just online videos. Let’s take a closer look at how the Gummibär brand has grown and diversified.


One major aspect of this expansion is through merchandise. Fans can now find an array of products featuring their favorite gummy bear character, ranging from clothing items like t-shirts, hoodies, and pajamas to toys such as plush dolls and action figures. These merchandise options allow fans to show off their love for all things gummy bear-related in various ways.

Gummy Bears

But it doesn’t stop there – perhaps unsurprisingly given its association with candy – one notable product line under the Gummibär brand includes actual gummy bears! Yes, you read that right; these delicious treats are inspired by everyone’s beloved singing sensation. With vibrant colors and fruity flavors reminiscent of childhood nostalgia, they have become quite popular among both children and adults alike.

Licensing Deals

In addition to merchandising opportunities, licensing deals have played a crucial role in expanding the reach of the Gummibär brand even further. This means that companies outside The Official GummiBár Channel itself have sought permission to use images or references related to our friendly green gumdrop mascot in commercials or marketing campaigns promoting other products or services entirely unrelated (but still fun!).

These partnerships help introduce new audiences who may not be familiar with The Official GummiBár Channel directly while simultaneously reinforcing existing fan loyalty within established markets worldwide.

Overall, the growth seen across multiple platforms demonstrates how far-reaching this once humble novelty dance-pop song has become since its initial release. The continued popularity allows us here at Pure Money Making.net to anticipate more exciting developments coming soon from none other than your favorite dancing confectionery superstar himself – stay tuned!

The Gummy Bear Song’s Global Reach

The Gummy Bear song, also known as “I’m a Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song),” has achieved remarkable success and popularity worldwide. One of the key factors contributing to its global reach is the fact that it has been recorded in over 25 languages. This multilingual approach allowed people from different countries and cultures to enjoy the catchy tune.

On YouTube alone, the English version of the song has garnered billions of views, making it one of the most-watched videos on this platform. Its infectious melody and playful lyrics have captivated audiences across all age groups.

Notably, besides its immense online presence, both versions – English and French – have made their mark on music charts around the world. In France specifically, under its alternative title “Funny Bear,” it reached number eight on their Singles Chart. Similarly impressive chart positions were attained in Australia where it peaked at number 12 while reaching number 11 in Sweden.

Moreover, the widespread appeal of The Gummy bear song extends beyond digital platforms; It can be found featured prominently within various forms media such as films, video games, and TV shows. Its inclusion further solidifies its status as an iconic pop culture phenomenon with enduring popularity among fans globally.

The Financial Success of The Official Gummibär Channel

The success of the Gummy Bear Song has not only brought fame to its creator, but it has also resulted in significant financial gains for The Official Gummibär Channel. According to external sources, the estimated net worth of the channel falls within a wide range – between $2.7 million and $16.2 million.

It is important to note that this impressive net worth includes revenue from various sources beyond just YouTube advertisements. While exact details about these additional income streams are not provided, we can speculate that they may include merchandise sales, licensing deals, and marketing campaigns associated with the popular brand.

In terms of revenue generated solely through YouTube advertisements on The Official Gummibär Channel’s videos featuring the iconic song, there have been some remarkable figures reported as well. In recent times alone (last 7 days), estimates suggest an income of around $18.7K was earned by the channel; over a slightly longer period (last 30 days), this figure jumps up significantly to approximately $73.K; while spanning across three months (last 90 days), earnings reach an astounding estimate amounting to roughly$237K!

These numbers clearly indicate both substantial popularity and financial success for The Official Gummibär Channel. The viral nature of the Gummy Bear Song has played a pivotal role in attracting millions upon millions of fans and viewers from around the world. This, in turn, has served as a major contributor to the successful monetization efforts by the creators of this channel. Through their hard work and smart business strategies, the official Gummibär channel has earned its place amongst the most successful YouTube channels out there. Its ability to generate both revenue and popularity is a true testament to the demand for catchy songs and an engaging brand that resonates with audiences of all ages.

In conclusion, The Official Gummibär Channel has not only achieved immense popularity but also significant financial success. With an estimated net worth ranging from $2.7 million to $16.2 million and impressive revenue figures generated through YouTube advertisements alone, it is evident that the channel’s creators have found a winning formula with the viral sensation of the Gummy Bear Song and its associated brand merchandise. Their ability to monetize their already massive online following has resulted in remarkable financial gains and established The Official Gummibär Channel as a leading player in the YouTube industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is the Gummy Bear Song?

The Gummy Bear Song, also known as “I’m a Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song),” is a novelty dance song by Gummibär. It was written by German composer Christian Schneider and released by Gummibär’s label, Gummybear International. The song became popular in Hungary before gaining global recognition as an Internet meme.

Question 2: How much money did the Gummy Bear Song make?

While there isn’t specific information available on how much money the Gummy Bear Song has made overall, it has been incredibly successful both financially and in terms of popularity. The Official GummiBär Channel that features this song has generated estimated earnings ranging from $18.7K to $237K over different time periods.

Question 3: How many views does the Gummy Bear Song have on YouTube?

As per external sources, the official video for the Gummy Bear Song has accumulated over three billion plays on YouTube alone. This number continues to grow steadily due to its ongoing popularity among viewers worldwide.

Question 4: How much money does The Official GummiBär Channel earn?

According to estimates based solely on revenue from YouTube advertisements, in recent times, The Official GummiBär Channel has earned approximately $18.7K in the last seven days, $73.6K in the last 30 days, and $237K in the last 90 days. These figures demonstrate significant financial success for the channel and highlight its popularity among viewers. It is important to note that these earnings do not take into account other sources of income for the channel, such as sales of merchandise or licensing deals.


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