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How Much Money Does A 31 Day Calendar Fundraiser Make?

Quick Answer

A 31-day calendar fundraiser is a popular fundraising concept where participants select a day on a calendar and donate the corresponding amount. Examples include the BandTober Fundraiser, Fill the Calendar fundraiser, and Cheer Pick a Date to Donate fundraiser. These fundraisers have successfully raised significant amounts of money for various causes, with participants receiving incentives for their contributions. Organizing a successful 31-day calendar fundraiser involves setting clear goals, promoting the event, providing multiple payment options, and offering creative incentives.


The 31-day calendar fundraiser is a popular and effective way to raise money for various causes. This fundraising concept involves creating a calendar with each day representing a specific dollar amount, which individuals can sponsor by making donations. Participants are encouraged to select a date on the calendar and contribute the corresponding donation amount.

In this blog post, we will explore different examples of 31-day calendar fundraisers and discuss how they work. We’ll also share success stories from past fundraisers, provide tips for organizing your own successful campaign, and answer frequently asked questions about these types of fundraisers.

Whether you’re part of an organization looking to fundraise or an individual passionate about supporting a cause close to your heart, understanding the potential impact and strategies behind 31-day calendar fundraisers can help you make informed decisions in achieving your financial goals while making positive change in communities around us.

Stay tuned as we delve into inspiring stories that demonstrate just how much money can be raised through these creative initiatives!

What is a 31-day calendar fundraiser?

A 31-day calendar fundraiser is a unique and creative way to raise funds for various causes or organizations. It involves creating a calendar with each day representing a specific dollar amount, usually corresponding to the date (e.g., $1 for the first of the month, $2 for the second, and so on). Participants are then encouraged to select one or more days from the calendar and donate that corresponding amount.

The concept behind this type of fundraising event is simple yet effective. By engaging friends, family members, colleagues, and even strangers in donating small amounts over an entire month’s duration through their chosen dates on the calendar, significant sums can be raised collectively.

These fundraisers often come with incentives or rewards based on donation levels achieved by participants. Incentives may include special privileges like free dress days at school for students who reach certain donation thresholds or exclusive events such as parties or outings.

Overall, a 31-day calendar fundraiser offers not only financial support but also fosters community involvement while providing individuals an opportunity to contribute towards a cause they care about. Its flexibility allows it to be adapted for different purposes and tailored according to different organizational needs or target audiences.

Examples of 31-day calendar fundraisers

There are various organizations and individuals who have successfully organized 31-day calendar fundraisers to raise funds for their causes. Here are three examples:

1. BandTober Fundraiser by Harrison Bands:

The BandTober Fundraiser is a popular fundraising event organized by the Harrison Bands, where band members ask friends and family to sponsor a day on the BandTober calendar. Each day represents a dollar amount, and donors can choose any day in October to donate as many days as they want.

According to information provided on the Harrison Bands website, completing one calendar can raise $361, which covers an entire month’s band payment plus some extra for the next month. The first $125 raised goes directly towards supporting the band program while additional funds go toward individual marcher’s fees.

2. Fill the Calendar fundraiser by CTCS Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF):

The Fill the Calendar fundraiser is conducted annually by CTCS PTF with an aim to gather donations for cafeteria renovations at their school. The students receive envelopes with calendars printed on them that need “filling up”. They reach out to friends and family asking them to select specific dates from the calendar and contribute corresponding amounts. For example, the 4th of the month may be worth $4 while the 18th is worth $18. Donations made are tax deductible, and cash or checks payable to CTCS PTF are accepted. Students also earn incentives based on their sales, such as Free Dress Day, Ice Cream at lunch, Silent Disco Dance Party, Petting Zoo during school, etc. Teacher incentives include Starbucks drinks or jeans day if all money is turned in on time. If they raise more than $60k, the principals get slimed!

3. Cheer Pick a Date-to-Donate fundraiser calendar on Etsy:

For those looking for a digital option, a Cheer Pick a Date-to-Donate fundraiser calendar is available on Etsy. This calendar is designed for easy fundraising for cheer teams, with participants selecting a date and paying the corresponding amount. The calendar can be shared on social media platforms, and payment options like Cashapp, Venmo, Paypal, or Facebook pay are suggested by the seller. According to the seller’s claims on Etsy.com, the calendar has the potential to raise $496 if every date is purchased.

These examples demonstrate how 31-day calendar fundraisers can be tailored to different causes and organizations. Whether it’s supporting school programs or raising funds for specific projects, these fundraisers have proven successful in generating financial support while engaging donors in an interactive way.

How does a 31-day calendar fundraiser work?

A 31-day calendar fundraiser is an innovative and engaging way to raise funds for various causes. Here’s how it typically works:

Selecting a day on the calendar:

Participants are given a calendar with each day representing a specific dollar amount. They can choose any available date within the fundraising period to sponsor by donating that corresponding amount.

Donating the corresponding amount:

Once participants have selected their desired date, they make their donation based on the designated dollar value associated with that particular day. This could be done through cash, checks made out to the organizing entity or individual, or online payment platforms like PayPal or Venmo.

Marking out filled-up days on the calendar:

As donations come in and dates get sponsored, organizers mark off those specific days as “filled” on the provided calendars. This helps keep track of which dates are still available for sponsorship and creates excitement as more spaces fill up over time.

Incentives for participants (students, teachers, etc.):

To encourage participation and motivate individuals involved in promoting this type of fundraiser further incentives may be offered.

For example,

  • Students might earn rewards such as free dress days at school when reaching certain fundraising milestones.
  • Teachers who successfully engage their entire class in participating may receive perks like Starbucks drinks of choice or jeans-wearing privileges.

These incentives help create friendly competition among students while also recognizing efforts put forth by both students and educators alike.

Note: The content above provides general information about how most 31-day fundraisers operate but specifics may vary depending upon different organizations’ requirements.

Success stories of 31-day calendar fundraisers

Many organizations have found great success with their 31-day calendar fundraisers, raising significant amounts of money to support various causes. Here are a few examples:

BandTober Fundraiser by Harrison Bands:

The BandTober fundraiser organized by the Harrison Bands has proven to be highly successful in generating funds for the band and supporting individual marchers’ fees. By asking friends and family to sponsor a day on the BandTober calendar, participants can contribute any amount they choose. The first $125 raised goes directly towards supporting the band as a whole, while additional donations go toward covering each marcher’s expenses.

Completing one full calendar during this fundraising event can raise an impressive $361 – equivalent to an entire month’s payment plus some extra for future months. This demonstrates how impactful such initiatives can be in helping bands cover costs associated with equipment maintenance, travel expenses, uniforms upkeep, and other essential needs.

Fill the Calendar fundraiser by CTCS Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF):

Another notable example is seen through CTCS Parent Teacher Fellowship’s Fill the Calendar fundraiser aimed at renovating their school cafeteria facilities. With a goal set at raising $60k specifically designated for new tables with chairs along with playground doors installation; fresh paint application; kitchen appliances purchase – it showcases how targeted campaigns like these help improve educational environments significantly.

Students participating in this initiative receive envelopes featuring calendars that need “filling up.” They reach out to friends and family members who then select specific days from those calendars corresponding monetary values attached ($4th = $4 or 18th = $18). Once filled-up dates get marked off accordingly until reaching completion when all slots contain contributions totaling desired goals achieved!

Cheer Pick-a-Date-to-Donate Fundraiser on Etsy:

For digital-based fundraising options catering more broadly across different groups or individuals seeking customizable solutions tailored explicitly around cheer teams’ requirements, the Cheer Pick-a-Date-to-Donate Fundraiser calendar on Etsy offers a unique approach. This digital download available for purchase at $3.50 provides an easy and accessible way to fundraise.

Participants can select any month of their choice to conduct this 31-day fundraising event by picking specific dates and paying corresponding amounts. The seller claims that if every date is “purchased,” it’s possible to raise as much as $496 through this initiative alone! With over 1,565 reviews boasting a perfect five-star rating, it showcases how effective these types of fundraisers can be in generating substantial funds while leveraging online platforms like Etsy.

The impact of successful 31-day calendar fundraisers goes beyond just monetary gains; they create opportunities for communities or organizations to come together with shared goals and support meaningful causes. Whether funding band programs’ needs, improving school facilities, or supporting cheer teams’ activities – these success stories demonstrate the power behind well-executed initiatives aimed at making positive changes within various spheres.

Tips for organizing a successful 31-day calendar fundraiser

Setting a clear goal:

One of the first steps in organizing a successful 31-day calendar fundraiser is to set a clear and achievable fundraising goal. Determine how much money you aim to raise through this campaign, keeping in mind any specific needs or projects that require funding. Having a defined target will help motivate participants and provide them with something tangible to work towards.

Promoting the fundraiser:

To maximize participation and donations, it’s crucial to promote your 31-day calendar fundraiser effectively. Utilize various marketing channels such as social media platforms, email newsletters, flyers/posters at local businesses or community centers, word-of-mouth referrals from supporters/volunteers/participants involved in your cause. Clearly communicate the purpose of the event along with its impact on achieving your organization’s goals.

Providing multiple payment options:

Make donating easy by offering multiple payment options for contributors participating in your 31-day calendar fundraiser. Accept traditional methods like cash or checks but also consider incorporating digital payment solutions such as PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp, Facebook Pay, etc., which are convenient for many people nowadays. By providing diverse ways of contributing funds online/offline ensures inclusivity among potential donors who may have different preferences when it comes time to donate their support!

Offering incentives for participants:

Incentives can be powerful motivators when encouraging individuals to participate actively during fundraisers! Consider offering rewards/incentives based on donation levels reached (e.g., free dress day if $50 raised; ice cream party if $100 raised). These small gestures not only show appreciation but also create excitement around reaching milestones within each participant group – students/teachers/community members alike! Additionally, rewarding top-performing classes/groups adds an element of competition while fostering camaraderie amongst those working together toward a common objective – raising the maximum amount possible!

Setting deadlines for turning in money:

It’s important to establish a deadline for collecting contributions to ensure a smooth process of accounting and tracking progress made throughout the campaign. Setting a clear deadline, such as the end of the month or a specific date, allows ample time for participants to gather donations and submit them in a timely manner. Clearly communicate this deadline from the outset and provide regular reminders leading up to the final day of submission to ensure no contributions are missed out on!

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of organizing a successful 31-day calendar fundraiser that not only raises significant funds but also engages participants and creates a sense of community around your cause. Remember to plan ahead, promote effectively, offer convenient payment options, incentivize participation, and set deadlines for turning in money!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How much money can a 31-day calendar fundraiser make?

The amount of money that a 31-day calendar fundraiser can make varies depending on several factors, such as the size and reach of your target audience, the level of participation from supporters, and the specific cause or organization you are fundraising for.

For example:

  • The BandTober Fundraiser organized by Harrison Bands claims that completing one calendar can raise $361. This amount is equivalent to an entire month’s band payment plus some extra funds.
  • The Fill the Calendar fundraiser conducted by CTCS Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) aims to raise $60,000 for cafeteria renovations at their school.

It’s important to note that these figures represent successful fundraisers in specific contexts. Your results may vary based on your unique circumstances.

Question 2: How can I promote my 31-day calendar fundraiser?

Promoting your 31-day calendar fundraiser effectively is crucial for its success. Here are some strategies you could consider:

  1. Utilize social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., where you have access to a wide network of potential donors.
  2. Create engaging posts with eye-catching visuals related to your cause along with information about how people can participate in the event.
  3. Encourage participants and supporters to share updates about their involvement through personal networks using hashtags relevant to your cause and fundraising event (e.g., #BandToberFundraiser).
  4. Reach out directly via email newsletters or personalized messages explaining the importance of the cause and how their contribution can make a difference.
  5. Seek partnerships with local businesses who might be willing to promote or sponsor certain days on the calendar in exchange for marketing exposure or exclusive offers for participants.

Remember that consistency and inclusivity are key to building awareness about your fundraiser event, and don’t be afraid to get creative in how you engage with your audience.

Question 3: Can I customize the calendar for my specific cause?

The ability to customize a 31-day calendar fundraiser may vary depending on the platform or method you choose.

For example, in the case of Cheer Pick a Date to Donate fundraiser calendars available on Etsy, customization options are offered by sellers at an additional fee. However, it’s important to note that these customizations might be limited and subject to certain restrictions set by the seller.

If you’re organizing your own fundraising event using printed calendars or digital platforms like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, you have more flexibility in terms of customization possibilities. You can tailor them specifically for your cause with relevant images and information about your organization.

Consider what level of customization is necessary based on how closely aligned you want each day on the calendar to reflect specific aspects of your cause or organization, and communicate clearly about any limitations or specifications when promoting the fundraiser.

Question 4: What are some creative incentives for participants?

Offering incentives can be a great way to motivate and reward participants throughout a 31-day calendar fundraiser. Here are some creative suggestions:

  1. Student Incentives
    • Free Dress Day for reaching a specific donation threshold (e.g., $50)
    • Friday Ice Cream at lunch for earning a certain amount of money (e.g., $100)
    • Silent Disco Dance Party as a reward for more significant contributions (e.g., $250)
  2. Class Incentives
    • The top class in each group (PK/K; 1st-2nd; 3rd-5th, Middle School/High School) receives special privileges like a hot chocolate and cookies party.
    • A Petting Zoo during school hours if all dates on the entire calendar are filled up ($465).
  3. Teacher Incentives
    • Receiving a Starbucks drink of choice or jeans day if their entire class turns in the money on time.

Remember, incentives should be aligned with your target audience’s interests and preferences. Consider what would motivate them to participate actively in the fundraiser while keeping costs manageable for your organization or cause.

Question 5: How do I handle the logistics of collecting donations?

Handling the logistics of collecting donations for a 31-day calendar fundraiser requires organization and clear communication. Here are some guidelines:

  1. Provide multiple payment options such as cash, checks made out to your organization, and digital payment methods like Venmo, CashApp, PayPal, Facebook Pay.
  2. Set a clear deadline for turning in money so that you can accurately track progress towards fundraising goals.
  3. Organize regular check-ins with participants to collect their contributions and update them on overall progress.
  4. Establish designated collection points where supporters can drop off their donations conveniently (e.g., school office).
  5. Maintain accurate records of each participant’s contributions to ensure transparency and inclusivity in the reporting process.
  6. Thank donors promptly after receiving their contributions as a gesture of appreciation.

Consider creating an organized system like spreadsheets or software tools specifically designed for managing fundraisers to streamline donation tracking processes effectively.


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