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How Much Money Does Danny Go Make?

Quick Answer

Danny Go! is a popular YouTube channel created in 2019 that has gained over 900K subscribers and 850 million video views. The show, aimed at children ages 3 to 7, combines music, movement, and educational content. With estimated monthly earnings ranging from $20.7K to $332K, Danny Go! has become a successful venture for its creators.


Welcome to PureMoneyMaking.net! In this blog post, we will be discussing the topic of how much money Danny Go makes. As a popular children’s show on YouTube, many people are curious about the financial success of Danny Go and his channel.

Danny Go is an energetic and optimistic character who stars in a live-action educational children’s show created by three childhood friends in Charlotte, North Carolina. The show combines music, movement, and learning to engage kids aged 3 to 7 years old. With catchy dance-along songs and kindergarten-level lessons on math basics, vocabulary building, science experiments as well as valuable life lessons such as friendship kindness respect; it has gained immense popularity among young viewers.

Now let us dive into some external sources that provide insights into the financial aspects of Danny Go’s channel.

Who is Danny Go?

Danny Go! is the main character of a live-action educational children’s show created in 2019 by three childhood friends in Charlotte, North Carolina. The show aims to entertain and educate kids between the ages of 3 and 7 through music, movement, and learning.

The energetic and optimistic Danny Go loves using his imagination to explore the world around him. He encourages young viewers to join him on exciting adventures while teaching them important life lessons about friendship, kindness, and respect.

In addition to Danny Go!, there are several other lovable characters that make appearances on the show:

1. Pap Pap

A scientist who enjoys inventing new things.

2. Bearhead

A silly scientist-in-training who often finds himself getting into trouble.

3. Mindy Mango

A farmer with a passion for healthy foods.

4. Bothersome Bear

Bearhead’s mischievous nemesis.

5. Gerald

Professional drummer.

6. Tiny Danny

Small imaginary version of Danny Go.

7. Miss B

Bearhead’s proud mother.

These characters add depth and variety to each episode as they interact with one another alongside their friend Danny Go!

To reach its target audience effectively, “DannyGo!” can be found across various platforms such as YouTube Kids, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, KidoodleTV, Yippee, HeidiSongs.tv, and Happy Kids TV. This wide availability ensures that children from all over can enjoy watching this entertaining yet educational program at any time or place convenient for them.

Danny Go’s YouTube Channel

Danny Go! has a thriving presence on YouTube with an impressive number of subscribers and video views. Here are some key details about the channel:

Number of Subscribers and Video Views:

According to external sources, as of now, Danny Go! boasts 904K subscribers on their YouTube channel. This indicates a strong following that continues to grow steadily over time. Additionally, the videos uploaded by Danny Go! have accumulated an astounding total view count of 851,622,743.

Creation Date:

The official creation date for the Danny Go! YouTube channel is July 31st, 2019. Since its inception just a few years ago, it has managed to gain significant popularity among viewers worldwide.


Danny Go!’s content falls under the category of entertainment on YouTube due to its engaging nature and focus on providing educational value through music and movement.

Recent Subscriber and View Statistics:

Over the past month alone (as per available data), there has been notable growth in both subscriber count and video views for this dynamic children’s show host.

  • In recent timespan statistics indicate that approximately 73K new subscribers joined his fanbase.
  • Furthermore, the videos posted during this period received around 82.993M additional views from eager audiences seeking entertaining yet informative content.

Estimated Monthly & Yearly Earnings

Based upon various factors such as ad revenue generated from advertisements displayed alongside their videos, Danny Go!’s estimated monthly earnings range between $20.7K – $332K. This wide range reflects fluctuations based upon variables like viewer engagement levels or changes within advertising rates, etc. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that these figures represent only estimates, and actual earnings may vary significantly depending on numerous factors including but not limited to audience demographics, content type, and overall performance. On an annual basis, this translates into estimated earnings ranging from $249K – $4M. These numbers highlight the potential financial success of this YouTube channel, which has managed to captivate a large and dedicated audience.

Danny Go!’s YouTube channel is undoubtedly an impressive platform that continues to attract viewers with its entertaining yet educational content. With consistent growth in subscribers and video views, coupled with the potential for substantial earnings, Danny Go! remains one of the prominent figures within this niche on YouTube.

About the Show

“Danny Go!” is a live-action educational children’s show that was created in 2019 by three childhood friends in Charlotte, North Carolina. The show aims to entertain and educate kids between the ages of 3 and 7 through a combination of music, movement, and learning.

The creators wanted to provide an engaging platform for young children where they can have fun while also gaining valuable knowledge. With catchy dance-along songs and kindergarten-level learning activities such as math basics, vocabulary building, and science experiments, “Danny Go!” offers an interactive experience that keeps kids entertained while helping them develop essential skills.

One of the key elements of the show is its focus on teaching important life lessons about friendship, kindness, and respect. Through relatable characters like Danny Go himself – an energetic character who loves using his imagination – children learn how to navigate social interactions with empathy and understanding.

By incorporating these themes into each episode’s storyline or song lyrics, “Danny Go!” encourages positive values among its young viewers. The aim is not only to entertain but also inspire good behavior both inside and outside their screens. As parents ourselves, the creators understand the importance of instilling these qualities in children from an early age. They believe that entertainment media has a significant role to play in shaping young minds positively, and “Danny Go!” strives to do just that.

Parents appreciate this aspect of the show as it provides opportunities for meaningful discussions with their children even after the watching session is over. Through these stories, kids learn how to be kind, respectful, forgiving, tolerant, inclusive, and more. It serves as an excellent platform to discuss social issues and situations encountered by kids in their daily lives. In this way, Danny Go helps build character traits essential for good citizenship and inclusivity in society at large.

Danny Go’s Website

Overview of the website: Danny Go has a dedicated website where fans can find more information about the show, its characters, and ways to support it. The website serves as a hub for all things related to Danny Go and provides an interactive platform for viewers.

Information about the show and its characters:

On the website, visitors can learn more about “Danny Go!” – a live-action educational children’s show created in 2019 by three childhood friends from Charlotte, North Carolina. Aimed at kids ages 3 to 7, this entertaining program combines music, movement, and learning.

The main character of the show is Danny Go himself – an energetic and optimistic character who loves using his imagination while exploring various topics. Alongside him are other lovable characters such as Pap Pap (a scientist), Bearhead (a silly scientist-in-training), Mindy Mango (a farmer passionate about healthy foods), Bothersome Bear (Bearhead’s mischievous nemesis), Gerald (the professional drummer), Tiny Danny (the small imaginary version of Danny Go), and Miss B (Bearhead’s proud mother).

Contact information for Daniel Coleman (DannyGo):

Fans or anyone interested in reaching out directly with questions or inquiries regarding “DannyGo” can do so through contact details provided on their official site.

Mailing Address: [Provide mailing address]

Email Address: [provide email]

Ways to support the Show:

  1. Support Page: Visitors will find detailed instructions on how they can contribute towards supporting “DannyGo” under this section found within their official webpage. The page lists different methods that individuals may use if they wish to help sustain production costs associated with creating new episodes. These include options like donations, sponsorships, and merchandise purchases which allow supporters not only to enjoy exclusive items but also actively participate in helping keep quality content coming!
  2. Cameo Messages: Parents looking forward to booking special messages from Danny Go can now do so through the Cameo platform. By booking Danny Go, fans can surprise their children with personalized video messages from the beloved character.
  3. Featured in a Video: Parents who want to get their child featured in a “DannyGo” episode have an opportunity to participate by following Danny Go on Instagram and participating in local shoots or sending footage as per instructions provided on social media platforms.

The website also provides information about other ways individuals can support the show’s growth and development. Fans are encouraged to visit the Support Page for more details regarding these opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How can I watch Danny Go?

You can watch Danny Go on various platforms such as YouTube Kids, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, KidoodleTV, Yippee, HeidiSongs.tv and Happy Kids TV. Simply search for “Danny Go” on your preferred platform to find the show.

Question 2: Can I book Danny Go for a special message?

Yes! You can now book Danny Go through Cameo. Cameo is a platform where you can request personalized video messages from celebrities or characters like Danny Go. It’s a great way to surprise your child with a special greeting or encouragement from their favorite character.

Question 3: How can I get my child featured in a video?

To get your child featured in one of the videos by DannyGo!, follow him on Instagram (@dannygo) and keep an eye out for local shoots or opportunities to send footage of your child participating in activities related to the show. This could be anything from dancing along with songs to showcasing artwork inspired by the show.

Question 4: How can I support the show?

If you would like to support “DannyGo!” there are several ways you contribute:

  • Spread awareness about the show among friends and family.
  • Follow @dannygoofficial social media accounts (Instagram/Facebook/Twitter) and engage with posts.
  • Share episodes that resonate with you on social media platforms using #DannyGoshow hashtag.
  • Consider purchasing merchandise available at dannygo.net/shop.
  • Support Page provides additional information regarding how fans who want more direct involvement may help further develop future content creation efforts.

Question 5: Can I send artwork, notes, etc.?

Yes, you absolutely have a chance. Fans are encouraged to share their love and appreciation for the show by sending artwork, notes, or other items directly to the show’s mailing address in Davidson, North Carolina. The contact information can be found on the website under the “Contact Us” section.


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