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How To Make Money On Kick Streaming?

Quick Answer

Kick Streaming is a new and creator-friendly platform that offers multiple ways for streamers to make money. Streamers can join the Kick Creator Program, earn through donations, offer memberships, repurpose their streams for YouTube content, and try affiliate marketing. Success on Kick requires consistency, engagement, promotion, networking, and offering exclusive content to subscribers. While there may be challenges, being an early adopter of Kick can lead to easier growth and success.


Kick Streaming is a new and exciting platform that offers content creators the opportunity to make money through live streaming. With its creator-friendly approach, competitive payouts, and various monetization options, Kick has quickly gained popularity among streamers looking to earn income from their passion.

In this article, we will explore how you can leverage Kick Streaming to generate revenue while doing what you love. Whether you’re an experienced streamer or just starting out in the world of online content creation, there are plenty of opportunities on Kick for everyone.

From joining the Kick Creator Program and earning a share of subscription revenues to accepting donations from your viewers or offering exclusive memberships with access to premium content – there’s something for every type of creator on this innovative platform.

We’ll also discuss tips for success on Kick Streaming such as consistency in your streams, effective promotion strategies both within the app and across social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram; networking with other streamers who share similar interests; running contests/giveaways as well as providing exclusive perks for subscribers.

Additionally, we’ll delve into repurposing your kick streams by creating highlight reels or shorter videos suitable for YouTube consumption along with transcribing them so they can be used elsewhere too! Lastly but not leastly (is it even a word?), affiliate marketing will be explored where promoting products/services during livestreams could potentially lead towards additional earnings via commissions earned per sale generated!

So whether you’re interested in making some extra cash alongside pursuing your passion project full-time OR simply want another avenue through which creativity meets profitability – read ahead because our comprehensive guide covers everything about making money using KICK STREAMING!

What is Kick Streaming?

Kick Streaming is a relatively new platform that allows content creators to live stream their videos and make money in various ways. Similar to popular streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube Live, and Facebook Live, Kick offers viewers the opportunity to subscribe to channels, send tips or donations, and participate in high-definition live streams.

What sets Kick apart from other streaming platforms is its creator-friendly approach and competitive payouts. Unlike some of its competitors that take a significant portion of the revenue generated by creators’ channels (such as Twitch’s 50/50 split), Kick only takes a smaller amount from creators while allowing them to keep more earnings for themselves. For example, on average streamers receive 95% of subscription earnings compared with Twitch’s 70/30 cut.

In addition to subscriptions-based income models where viewers pay monthly fees for access to exclusive content offered by individual streamers on their channel; there are several other ways through which content creators can monetize their presence on the platform:


Viewers have the option of sending direct monetary contributions known as “tips” via PayPal or other payment processors.


Streamers can offer memberships at different price points giving subscribers special perks such as early access or exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.

Repurposing Content

Creators also have an opportunity beyond just livestreaming – they can repurpose kick streams into edited highlight reels suitable for uploading onto YouTube thereby expanding reach across multiple platforms.

Kick Affiliate Program

By joining this program, streamers get paid an hourly rate based on the hours streamed.

Overall, Kick provides numerous opportunities for aspiring influencers looking forward to making money online. Its user-friendly interface coupled with higher payout rates makes it an attractive choice among many up-and-coming streaming enthusiasts.

Ways to Make Money on Kick Streaming

Joining the Kick Creator Program

The first way to make money on Kick streaming is by joining the Kick Creator Program. To be eligible for this program, you need a minimum of 75 followers and have streamed for at least 5 hours. Once accepted into the program, streamers receive a generous revenue share from their channel’s subscriptions – an impressive 95% share! This means that as your subscriber base grows, so does your earning potential.

Earning through Donations

Another way to monetize your streams on Kick is by accepting donations from viewers. Viewers can donate directly through platforms like PayPal or other payment processors supported by kick streaming. To maximize success with fundraising campaigns, it’s important to have a clear and compelling cause that resonates with your audience. Building an online presence and getting the word out about your campaign are also crucial steps in generating more donations.

Offering Memberships

Kick allows streamers to offer memberships where subscribers gain access to exclusive content not available publicly during live streams or otherwise accessible elsewhere. By providing additional value exclusively for members who subscribe monthly or annually, you create another income source while fostering loyalty among dedicated fans.

To promote memberships effectively:

  • Clearly define what benefits subscribers will receive.
  • Choose appropriate pricing models based on market research.
  • Promote membership options prominently across all channels (stream overlays, social media profiles).
  • Provide excellent customer service experience throughout their subscription period.

Repurposing Streams for YouTube Content

One advantage of using kick streaming platform is its compatibility with repurposing content onto YouTube. This opens up opportunities beyond just livestreams alone. Stream highlights, relevant clips, tutorials, and how-to videos created from recorded sessions can attract new audiences outside of Kicks’ userbase. Sharing these snippets via social media promotion helps drive traffic back towards both platforms. Transcribing streams provides yet another avenue, content creators may choose transcribe full-length recordings and publish them as blog posts or articles, further expanding their reach.

Trying Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another way to make money on Kick streaming. By partnering with brands that align with your content niche, you can promote products or services during your streams and earn a commission for each sale generated through your unique affiliate link.

To succeed in affiliate marketing:

  • Find a specific niche within the market where there’s demand but less competition.
  • Create high-quality content around the product/service you’re promoting.
  • Drive traffic to your stream by leveraging social media platforms effectively.
  • Track results using analytics tools provided by both kick streaming platform & affiliated programs/products providers. Be patient while building an audience base who trust recommendations made genuinely.

By exploring these various avenues of monetization available on Kick Streaming – joining the Creator Program, accepting donations from viewers, offering memberships with exclusive benefits, repurposing streams for YouTube content creation, and trying out affiliate marketing strategies, you’ll be well-positioned to generate income while doing what you love: entertaining and engaging audiences through live-streaming!

Tips for Success on Kick Streaming

Consistency and Engagement:

To be successful on Kick streaming, consistency is key. Regularly streaming at scheduled times helps build an audience that knows when to expect your content. Additionally, engaging with your viewers during streams by responding to comments and questions creates a sense of community.

Promoting Your Channel:

While the Kick platform provides exposure to potential viewers, it’s important to actively promote your channel outside of the platform as well. Utilize social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to share updates about upcoming streams or highlight memorable moments from previous ones.

Networking with Other Streamers:

Building relationships within the streaming community can greatly benefit you in terms of collaboration opportunities and cross-promotion. Engage with other streamers through their channels or join online communities where you can connect with fellow creators who have similar interests.

Using Social Media to Promote Streams:

Social media platforms are powerful tools for promoting your kick streams beyond just sharing highlights. Create visually appealing graphics or short video clips related to upcoming broadcasts and post them across various social networks using relevant hashtags and tags that will attract attention from potential viewers interested in similar content.

Running Contests And Giveaways:

Contests and giveaways not only generate excitement among existing followers but also help attract new ones. Consider hosting periodic contests where participants must engage with your stream (e.g., commenting during specific segments) for a chance at winning prizes such as merchandise related to your brand or exclusive access codes/content.

Offering Exclusive Content To Subscribers:

One way to incentivize viewers to subscribe to your channel is by offering exclusive content. This can include behind-the-scenes footage, early access to new content, or special perks like personalized shoutouts or Q&A sessions. Providing value to your subscribers will encourage them to continue supporting your channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kick worth the time and effort?

Kick can be a worthwhile platform for content creators looking to make money through streaming. With its creator-friendly approach, competitive payouts, and opportunities for monetization such as subscriptions, donations, memberships, and affiliate marketing, Kick provides multiple avenues to generate income from your streams. However, success on any streaming platform requires dedication and consistency in creating high-quality content that engages viewers.

How can I gain traction and stand out on Kick?

To gain traction on Kick Streaming:

  1. Be consistent: Regularly stream at scheduled times so that viewers know when they can expect new content.
  2. Engage with your audience: Interact with chat messages during live streams by responding to comments or questions.
  3. Promote your channel: Utilize social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram to share updates about upcoming streams or highlight memorable moments from previous ones.
  4. Network with other streamers: Collaborate with fellow creators by hosting joint-streams or participating in community events organized within the platform’s ecosystem.
  5. Run contests/giveaways: Organizing giveaways is an effective way of attracting more attention towards yourself.
  6. Offer exclusive content: Providing unique perks/content exclusively available only via subscription/membership will help you retain loyal followers.

What are the popular games on Kick?

While there isn’t an official list of popular games specifically tailored for Kick Streaming, some genres tend to attract larger audiences than others based upon user preferences. Games like Call of Duty, Minecraft, Fortnite, etc., have been known to draw significant interest among users.

How does Kick compare to other streaming platforms like Twitch?

Compared to traditional giants like Twitch, Kick offers several advantages including:

  • Higher revenue share: Streamers receive 95% of their subscription earnings, which is significantly higher than what competitors offer.
  • More relaxed guidelines regarding explicit content: While certain restrictions still apply (such as violence, fraud, drugs, discrimination, and copyright infringement), Kick allows for more leniency in terms of sexually themed content.
  • Multi-streaming: Unlike Twitch, which often signs exclusivity deals with high-earning streamers, Kick permits creators to multi-stream across other platforms.

However, it’s important to note that while Kick offers several advantages over its competitors, it is still a relatively new platform and may not have the same level of user base or recognition as established streaming giants like Twitch.

What is the difference between Kick and Mixer?

Kick Streaming differs from Microsoft-owned Mixer (which has since been shut down) in various ways:

  1. Ownership: While both are streaming platforms, they are owned by different companies – Kick being an independent entity whereas Mixer was under Microsoft’s umbrella.
  2. Monetization options: The monetization methods available on each platform differ; however, both offer opportunities for streamers to earn money through subscriptions, donations, memberships, etc.
  3. Exclusivity: Unlike Mixer, Kick does not require exclusive broadcasting rights. Streamers can broadcast their streams simultaneously on multiple platforms.

What are the moderation guidelines on Kick?

While there isn’t detailed information about specific moderation guidelines provided by external sources, the general consensus suggests that certain restrictions apply when it comes to explicit content such as violence, fraud, drugs, discrimination, and copyright infringements.

Can I multi-stream on Kick?

Yes! One advantage of using Kick Streaming compared to some other popular platforms like Twitch is that you’re allowed to multi-stream your content across different channels/platforms at once. This means you can reach a wider audience without having any limitations imposed upon yourself regarding where else you choose to share your streams.

How can I access Kick Streaming?

You can access Kick Streaming via two main mediums:

  1. Kick app: The official mobile application developed specifically for this purpose. It is available on both Apple and Android devices.
  2. Web browser version: You can also access Kick Streaming through your web browser by visiting the official website.

What are the potential earnings on Kick?

The potential earnings on Kick depend on various factors such as the number of subscribers, donations received, memberships sold, and affiliate marketing success. Streamers receive a 95% share of their channel’s subscription revenue, which is higher than what other platforms offer. Additionally, streamers keep 100% of any tips sent by viewers. The actual amount earned will vary from creator to creator based upon these variables.


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