Treatment of Multiple Hairs In One Follicle

The compound hair follicles or multiple hairs in one follicle is the very rare condition that is found in both men and women. It has been even observed in children. The two hairs one follicle is the condition in which more than two hair strands coming out of one hair follicle. The multiple hairs are emerging out from the one hair follicle that is like the more than two flowers coming out from the single branch. Here, you can discover its causes and in some ways that will help you to treat this hair condition.

Causes of Multiple Hairs in One Follicle

Most of the people don’t bother this hair problem because it is harmless. Also, this is a very rare condition. For men, it occurs on the face while for women it happens on legs and armpits. It is also reported in children and usually occurs on the scalp skin. One of the major causes of this disorder is genetics but some people believed that this hair problem is due to frequent shaving especially in men. But in fact, shaving is not the reason behind this hair problem.

Solutions of Multiple Hairs in One Follicle

This hair condition occurs genetically, so there are different ways that help you to treat two hairs one follicle. There is no permanent solution to treat this problem. Therefore, most of the people go for laser treatment instead of conventional ways of treatment. Following are some ways that will help you to treat this issue.

Plucking Hairs:

Hair plucking is the first solution that comes to everyone’s mind when they have this problem and it is beneficial. It is very common to get away from this issue. When you pluck out the hair, it not only plucks the hair but also destroys the baseline of the hair follicle that helps to reduce the hair strands’ growth.


The instant solution that you can do to treat this hair condition is shaving. However, this is a temporary way to treat the multiple hairs in one follicle but it is very helpful to get away from this condition. Shaving only removes the upper layer of the hair follicle and don’t affect the inner layer of hair strands.

Laser Treatment:

Laser treatment is a permanent method that requires approximately 10 sessions to get rid of this hair problem permanently. But most of the people don’t like it as it is very painful as compared to electrolysis and cryosurgery.


This treatment is done by chemical and heat energy but is very expensive. Under the electrolysis, the hair follicles fall asleep.


It is pain-free treatment, unlike laser treatment that freezes your skin to remove the infected hair follicles. Most of the people adopt this one for the treatment of Pili Multigemini.


Hope, you enjoy this incredible journey! However, the causes of Multiple Hairs in One Follicle is related to genetics but you can sure it by adopting the above treatments. Let us know about your suggestions.