Youtube Stories Now Officially Released

A year ago, Youtube released “Reels” which was similar to short videos called stories on other social media platforms. These short Youtube films were soon changed from their branded name Reels to just Youtube Stories and were made available to the content creators on the platform. But recently Youtube started giving creators with more than 10,000 subscribers along with the Youtube stories an additional set of creator tools which would help them modify and edit their short stories fairly quickly and easily.

Autoplaying Videos on Home Feature Added to the Mobile App

This new feature added to the mobile app by Youtube will now allow the users to surf their website as videos autoplay in the corner. This feature has been made available for both the iOS and Android apps. The videos will be autoplayed but with their sounds disabled and will only play a small preview of that video while the user is browsing through the home tab on Youtube. In their tweet they also mentioned that users will be able to turn this feature on or off or only work when they are using wifi from the settings menu.

Youtube Offers Students Discount on Premium Subscriptions

Youtube is hoping to bring in some new young audience into their music and premium subscriptions by giving out abrupt discounted prices and pricing plans for their Premium services, Ad free streaming and Youtube Music. This offer at the moment is only available to the full time students only in the United States, nevertheless Youtube has plans on expanding their discount offer to students in many other countries in the near future.

Facebook Allows Group Admins to Share their Feedback on Posts

Group admins are now provided with the option to give their feedback on why the post was removed and give this feedback to the person who posted it. This new feature was first introduced in May of 2018 and has since been in use. It helps the members of the group to better understand what rule they broke with posting that post and what should they be vary of while posting something next time.

Facebook Runs a Trial for the Blocking and Censorship of Particular Words on a Profile

Facebook is testing a new feature in which users will be able to ban and censor certain words, emojis and phrases of their choice from the regular users on their personal Facebook wall and timeline. This feature has not been announced by Facebook yet and was only discovered to be present in the code.

Two New Features in the Facebook Business Manager

Facebook introduced two new features in their business manger. The first one is the capability to allocate permissions through various tasks such as moderating comments, viewing page performance, publishing content and creating ads. The second one is the Quick Action button feature which allows the administrator of a business page to add partners, people and assets easily on one click from anywhere in the stings.